Monday, February 18, 2008

The Dark Tower 2: The Drawing Of The Three

Why does Roland pursue the Dark Tower? I still wonder. I know it is his obsession. I know what he did in the first book to get there. I know why Eddie and Susannah are now with him. I know what he is willing to do to them, though he loves them to get there. Why does he pursue it? Will it right his world? Will his world gain some kind of peace or coherence? (A world I still think is a dark future of our own.)

I think the additions of Eddie and Susannah to the story is marvelous. They are taken from our world, but at different times. Eddie first, in 1987 and then Susannah in 1959. Taken almost thirty years apart, they become a perfect pair. Now Roland isn’t the last gunslinger anymore. He has people to share in his quest, who will hopefully make it to the end.

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