Saturday, March 07, 2009


We saw The Watchmen tonight. It was rather spontaneous. I’m glad we went to see it though. The Watchmen raises interesting questions about the nature of humanity and what it would take to bring world peace. These aren’t idyllic superheroes; their inner darkness, inner demons go way beyond what The Dark Knight or The Hulk could offer. They have very human problems and don’t always handle things the way you think a superhero should.

One thing I have to mention is please, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not bring your five or six year old to see this movie. Even though this movie is about costumed heroes, it is not for small children. It’s an 18+ movie for a reason. First graders do not belong. There is some serious violence and sex. Not TV sex. There are scenes with full nudity and it is obvious what the characters are doing. There are some scenes that are so violent, that I heard one of the children in the theatre (who looked five or six) cry out, then their parents shushed them. Seriously. Did you have to see the movie so badly that you had to drag your small child to the theatre and give them nightmares? Yes, I think a five year old will get nightmares from watching the blood and bones and death. It’s not Superman, it’s not even The Dark Knight. It’s the same person who directed 300 and that certainly had sex and violence. Please, keep that in mind.

As much as I liked this movie, it was very long. I kept waiting for them to get to the point. I wanted to know who the killer was and why they were killing the former heroes. I waited a long time. We sat in the theatre for three hours. If you factor out previews, the movie was at least 2½ hours. Yes, there was a lot of action and great dialogue and the visuals were amazing. Eventually, however, I got restless. I know it’s not just a pregnancy thing either, when the people I was with mentioned the same thing. So, definitely see The Watchmen, but be prepared for the length of the film.


  1. They shushed them? They didn't just remove them from the theatre? Some parents are absolutely clueless!

  2. It was distracting for the remainder of the movie, knowing that happened and that the parents were just sitting there, while their kid was upset.