Tuesday, August 04, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

I just want to scream at these women, “Why are you acting so crazy?” The actions of some of the characters made me cringe. I felt like this movie gave women a bad name. I felt like the women were essentially all the same, just in different situations. None of them seemed to have any real, common sense. The male characters seemed to be somewhat more varied, though all except Conor were commitment phobes. It was very frustrating to watch.

I like to think that I was never like these women. Though I know I may not be the best judge of myself. Yes, sometimes we may read too much into a situation, trying to figure out if a guy likes us. Yes, we may delude ourselves about where a relationship is going. We at least try to believe the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ speech. Don’t guys do that too, try to figure out if a girl likes them? But I don’t know any woman who’s gone to a restaurant hoping to bump into a guy who hasn’t called her. I don’t know anyone who has purposefully gotten involved with a married man. I don’t know any obsessive callers.

For me, the highlight of the movie was the relationship between Gigi and Alex. I think they might have gotten the most screen time and deservedly so. It’s the only storyline that offered any real insight into dating. I also thought Mary was quite funny. The Janine, Ben, Anna triangle was frustrating. Was Ben Affleck only in the movie for five minutes? You forget he’s even in it. These women ‘aren’t the exception, they’re the rule,’ but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some individuality.

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