Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Wars

I had been wanting to read something by Timothy Findley for a while. Then, I luckily won a collection of his work from the Pink Sheep Café. (Thanks again!) Then, the difficult part, I had to decide which of these wonderful books I would read. Recently, a blogger I enjoy reading was saying she didn’t like “war” books. I said that it could just depend on the story or author. Is the book about the war or about a person or persons in a war? Plot based or character based? I think that is what makes a real difference.

The Wars is about Robert Ross and his life during the time of World War I. It’s a portrayal of his life. The narrative revolves around his actions and reactions to the world around him. It just isn’t the story of Robert in the war. It begins before he becomes a soldier, with the events that push him into the military. You also get to see how his leaving has affected his family, an aspect of the story that, though it takes place during World War I, is relatable to today.

Beyond just the story, I found this novel darkly educational. The things these soldiers went through were horrific. I understand why for a generation, they called this “The Great War” and “the war to end all wars”. How another war could happen after this one is frightening. There was so much senseless death; it seems the commanders didn’t understand what the men in the trenches were going through. The trenches were some of the most terrible things ever created. People went mad. The Wars is a story for anyone who enjoys historical fiction, character driven narrative, an intense or thought-provoking read. The Wars was a great introduction to Findley’s work.

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  1. Anonymous26/4/11 02:56

    Hey Loni,

    I'm glad you enjoyed The Wars and hope you get a chance to get to some of the others books too. Sorry for getting around to this so late, I have sort of disappeared from the blogosphere the past three months due to moving, work and general life drama. I am hoping to get back at it soon.

  2. The Wars was great. I'm thinking of reading The Piano Man's Daughter next, since it's one of his most recognized works. I'm also thinking of reading the works in publication order. If you haven any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

    Don't worry about not being around. Real life should take priority over blogging. I imagine I won't be around much this summer since I have a baby due in July.