Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Disney Princesses, by Susan Holbrook

Susan Holbrook’s The DisneyPrincesses is an amazing poem.  I don’t read a lot of poetry.  I read all kinds of poetry in University, but I overloaded.  It was constant analysis and comparisons and I think it changed my ability to simply appreciate a poem.  I believe my ability to enjoy poetry is coming back, but I want the poems I read to speak to me and The Disney Princesses does.

I picked up the new issue of PRISM International.  Honestly, when I pick up a literary magazine, it’s for the short stories.  But one day, as I was making dinner, my husband picked up the magazine and started reading a couple of the poems to me.  (It wasn’t as romantic as it sounds.  grandparents and children were playing in the other room.)  When he began to read The Disney Princesses not only did he become more enthused, but I started to really pay attention.  I really enjoyed the poem, but it also made me think.  That’s what I want from poetry (and other literary works).  I like the point she makes about Jasmine, Mulan and Pocahontas (I have a feeling the poem was written pre- Tiana.)  The last line is also fantastic.

For readers who aren’t into poetry, Holbrook’s poem is something you should have a look at.  It’s funny, a little cheeky and makes you think before you even realize what’s happening.

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