Friday, January 09, 2015

Old Blog Posts

Do you ever update old blog posts?  I just did. I recently wrote a couple posts and referred back to books I read many years ago, 1984 and The Queen of the Damned. I cleaned up the posts to match the ones I write now.  I started The Eye of Loni's Storm a long, long time ago.  8 1/2 years ago!  Back then, I was unfamiliar with blogging and didn't have a personal blogging style.  The posts were much shorter.  I would spew out my thoughts after finishing a book or watching a movie, throw up a picture, then hit "publish".  That was it. As I looked back, I saw the posts and found them too messy.  Am I going to go back and rework all the posts from back then? No. I think just the ones I direct readers too. There are too many.  I don't rewrite them either. If I wrote five sentences, then that's what it will continue have. It is only the formatting I change.  I wonder, though, if I should leave these old posts alone. Are they better as they were? More original? I'm not changing the content at all, just a bit of the presentation.


  1. If I spot a proofreading error while reading an old review, I'll adjust the spelling or grammar or whatever the case may be. I also add new labels to old books if I can do it easily enough (like adding a Scotland label to some books labels Britain), through dashboard. There some reviews that are embarrassing now because they express views I no longer hold, but modifying them stinks to me of Soviet-style erasure and tampering of history, so I don't. My mistakes are part of my growth, I figure.

    1. I feel the same way. Adding labels or fixing a spelling mistake feels fine. But looking back at certain posts, I wonder what I was thinking when I wrote that. I never change them though. You're right, it is part of growth.