Monday, May 16, 2016

Glass Sword

Why did I do this to myself? Why did a read Glass Sword when the next Red Queen book isn't coming out until sometime next year? I wanted a book with excitement, adventure, complex characters and the unexpected. Because what happened at Corros was unexpected. Not all of it, but the big things. Like Elara. Like Shade. Like Mare and Cameron.

Glass Sword is definitely a book about Mare's transformation. She's not the girl, the thief, from the Stilts anymore. She's not "Lady Mareena", the princess they were trying to create. Those girls are gone. Mare is the lightning girl, the rebel, the reluctant leader, a sister, a friend, someone who is hurt and hurts others. She becomes more complex as her role becomes more complex.

As exciting and interesting as the plot is, the characters are what make this story for me. Cal has been through so much, I wonder where he will end up, especially as there are 2 more books coming. I wonder about Mare's family. There's something about her father and maybe Bree. I love Ada, she has so much potential, Cameron too. I wonder about the children, the rescued girl with her teenage guard, though maybe that was just a moment, it's one that stayed with me. Kilorn too, he grows and I'm not sure what he will become, but I think at heart, he will always be there for Mare. I have a prediction about Farley. It's kind of obvious, but I'm sure it's meant to be a surprise in book three. It will definitely change her and probably the Colonel too. There's love, hate, revenge, sacrifice, betrayal everywhere. Anyone can do anything because they're all being pushed to the edge.

I wish Victoria Aveyard would write faster, but that's silly. As much as I'm going to be itching to read the next book in the series, I want it to answer questions, to be every bit as exciting and fun (and sad) as Glass Sword.

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