Saturday, March 17, 2018

Destroy Me

With Restore Me coming out soon, I thought I should actually finish reading the books I own of the Shatter Me series. I read Shatter Me two and a half years ago and for some reason didn’t keep going, even though I thoroughly enjoyed the novel. I also follow Taherah Mafi on Twitter and I think she's fabulous. I bought Unite Me, the collection containing the Shatter Me novellas months ago (from Better World Books), and still didn’t read it right away. There are just so many stories and so little time. 

Destroy Me is the first of the novellas. It is the story of Warner, the young man obsessed with Juliette and head of Sector 45. Destroy Me is from his perspective and gives us a look into his mind and motivations. We learn so much about him. It begins right after the events of Shatter Me. Warner is recovering, not just from his injuries, but from losing Juliette. Destroy Me dives into how deep his obsession is with her. I don’t know if he can live without her. While Warner is recovering, I wonder what Juliette is doing. Is she more closely examining her time with Warner? Is she trying to dissect his motivations and her own reactions? Also, was what he saw at the end real? Destroy Me has urged me to get back into the series, one that will have more books coming out in the future. 

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