Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Way Forward Is With A Broken Heart

I’m about halfway through a collection of short stories by Alice Walker. I’ve been reading it in between the Lemony Snicket books. The Way Forward Is With A Broken Heart is very emotional. Right now my favourite story in the collection is “Olive Oil.” It is so instinctive and emotional, the relationship between the husband and wife. Trust is put into play. The trust is valued, given easily and taken warily. This marital relationship is tender. By the end of the story it glows.

The sections of the collection I have read, is filled with stories based on a couple, sometimes married, sometimes not. Usually, the couple is interracial, in a time where that was rarely done. Though not always. Each story looks at a different part of the relationship. Sometimes the relationship is new, sometimes it’s on the verge of breaking apart and sometimes it’s already broken. The final story in the collection is the title story. I am looking forward to reading it, to see how the male and female of the story move forward.

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