Friday, July 21, 2006

The Reptile Room

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Definitely a lesson learned in Lemony Snicket’s The Reptile Room. This second Unfortunate Event is every bit as adventurous as the first. It is another story that deals with death on a personal level. I think I see a pattern…

This story frustrated me. In the first story, The Bad Beginning, Olaf declared, “Nobody listens to children.” He does so after his dastardly plan is revealed. One would thing that the adults would have learned to listen to the Baudelaire children. Especially Mr. Poe, since he clearly missed the mark last time. Alas, no. The children try to tell Mr. Poe and Uncle Monty the truth about ‘Stefano’ and fail. The consequences are dire.

Snicket warns the reader that this is coming. He tells you who is going to die and approximately when. It gives the ‘adult’ in the room time to explain a few things about death to their children. The warning is sad though. You spend much of the story waiting for the axe to drop (or something like that.) But off they are going to another home and another adventure.

By the way, I’ve already finished reading The Wide Window.

Did I mention, I love that Violet is the inventor?

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