Sunday, March 11, 2007

Men With Brooms

I love this movie!!! It’s so funny and super sweet. I love the big world of the small town. It’s so Canadian. With a special appearance by The Tragically Hip. Paul Gross, Leslie Neilson and Molly Parker just made me feel so good today! Men With Brooms keeps you smiling the whole time. There’s not much more I can really say about it…. I loved it. I could watch it a hundred times and still keep laughing. Everyone should watch it.

Check out the official website on the men and the brooms!

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  1. Anonymous13/3/07 21:37

    hey there
    we really should exchange email address' somehow, easier then this whole bloggin' dealeo :) lol
    how are things wtih you? hows married life treating ya?
    i met up with someone from our past, someone u and dawn were tryin' to hook me up with....any guesses?
    take care hon
    keep in touch :)