Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Chaos Curse

The Chaos Curse, the final book in The Cleric Quintet leaves you saddened. It was a long and difficult battle. Many fought and many died. The battle allowed the inner truth of many emerge into the light or fade into the darkness. Who could have predicted Dorigen’s end or the Dean’s? Standing in the face of “evil” their choices revealed what lay in their hearts. Something that can be applied to real life. When presented with life and death choices, each having dire consequences, what would you choose? Kierkan Rufo, though he tries to blame Cadderly, makes his choice, but doesn’t take ownership of it. Cadderly blames no one for his choices. He understands circumstance, but he also understands free will. It is Cadderly’s choices which lead to his ultimate end.

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  1. I wasn't too surprised about what happened with Dorgan, but I was very disappointed about the ending. After being abandoned by his father, Cadderly decides to abandon his child as well. I'm sure a case could be made for why he chose the path that he did, but (from my perspective anyway) it seemed a bit uncharacteristic of him.