Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Golden Compass

I needed more Bond. I know that doesn’t start me off with how good/bad the movie was, but it’s what I was left with when the movie was over. It was decent. It could have been better (in that it needed more Daniel Craig/Lord Asriel), but it was a good movie. In general, it was kid friendly. It had that magical/fantastical quality. Just be prepared for the polar bear fight scene. Parents might need to cover younger eyes.

The girl in the movie is beyond just pretty or cute or whatever. She is expressive and intelligent. She is a strong, young female character that little girls can admire. Nicole Kidman is delightfully bad. You know she is going to be a villain as soon as she appears on scene. She is simply too beautiful and elegant to be good. Daniel Craig’s character was rougher, ruder, so of course he was the good guy.
I wasn’t a fan of the ending, though. The final battle was great. It’s after the battle that is the problem. Yes, even if the little star hadn’t gone on about what they had left to do, there were still obvious loose ends. I suppose I just didn’t like the way she listed everything, like an itinerary. It really took something away from the ending.

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