Monday, May 11, 2009

Dead Until Dark

I can definitely see why they turned Charlaine Harris’s books into a series. It’s not just some gothic, vampire romance. There’s a mystery to be solved. Sookie Stackhouse is a character who grows. She’s a shy waitress who has spent a lifetime hiding her “disability” and because of it, most of the people in her small town either think she’s slow or crazy. No one takes her seriously. She’s pretty, but doesn’t date. Then a handsome vampire moves to town and her whole life changes.

I love how strong and intelligent Sookie is. She isn’t stuck in the same place through the story. She learns and adapts; she changes. Something I find missing in the MaryJanice Davidson’s Undead books. Confidence is something she gains. Bill is the love interest of this first novel, but from the story, you can tell he might not be her only one. Harris creates possibilities for Sookie. Dead Until Dark isn’t about Sookie being saved by the vampires or other supernatural beings in her life. She saves herself.

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