Saturday, September 25, 2010

Word of The Week!

This week, we’re back with a couple words from the book that keeps on giving.

From Under The Dome by Stephen King.

Excrescence: describes and outgrowth of something on something else. It is usually used to descibe and abnormal or disfiguring growth. They found the thing that is generating the Dome; excrescence is used to describe a part of it that’s sticking out.

Apostate: Is used to describe someone who has renouced thier faith. No matter what he thinks, this word definitely describes Jim Rennie. The word was used by Chef Bushey to describe Big Jim Rennie, who thinks he is following the path of God, but in fact, he is doing whatever he wants and is manipulating scripture (the Bible) to justify his terrible actions.

I don’t think I’ll ever have occasion to use excrescence, but there are people who I’m sure have been described as apostate. That word will likely get used in the future.

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