Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Season 8: No Future For You

With a title like, No Future For You, who else would we be talking about but Faith, the rogue vampire slayer. The arc of this second installment was very exciting. It was nice to see Faith and Giles, as Faith was not present in The Long Way Home and Giles was only briefly seen. Now, we get both of them and they are working together. Though Faith sided with the good guys in the final television season of Buffy, it hasn’t been all dewdrops on roses. She still has her issues. When it’s time to get a little messy, instead of talking to Buffy, Giles turns to Faith. As always, Giles wants to protect Buffy, but he and Faith have something key in common.

In No Future For You there’s another rogue slayer out there. In many ways she’s a lot like Faith; she not a part of the pack. In some ways she is quite different. This crazed slayer wants to rule the slayer world. There’s fighting and blood and symbols and secret meetings and the military. What more could you ask for in this crazy comic? No Future For You keeps moving Season 8 forward and keeps this Buffy fan interested.

The single issue story at the end, Anywhere But Here stared Buffy and Willow, with Xander and Dawn supporting. Even though these are main characters, they weren’t seen throughout most of No Future For You. There was a bit of an adventure, but mostly, this short story gave the readers an insight into the emotional development of the main characters since they left Sunnydale at the end of the television series. Anywhere But Here as well as No Future For You really gives us a new grip on the characters and an idea of how they might react to the oncoming danger.

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