Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do Women Read Fantasy?

I do.  Apparently there is a writer at the New York Times who says women won't watch Game of Thrones.  I think she's wrong.  I haven't read these books, but Malene Arpe (a woman) loves them and has been blogging about the upcoming miniseries for ages.  Click the link below to read more of her post.
Stargazing blog by Malene Arpe

So, do women read fantasy?  I definitely do.  I've read, The Hobbit, The Lord of The Rings, several Forgotten Realms novels.  They'd all be included in the same genre as Game of Thrones  I love reading.  I love to discover new worlds whether based on the past, present or future, with or without magical elements.  I'm just insulted that this woman doesn't think women read fantasy.


  1. Yikes that is offensive.

  2. I think fantasy is my favourite genre. It allows you to escape to somewhere totally original.

  3. I just read a great review of Game of Thrones from a female blogger!