Monday, April 25, 2011

Herman Wouk Is Still Alive, by: Stephen King

I wasn’t planning on reading this story today. I just happened to be checking some mail and noticed a posting about a new Stephen King short story at The Atlantic. (My intended story will just have to wait.) Herman Wouk Is Still Alive is a quick read, done over my lunch break. It’s intense, which isn’t a surprise coming from Stephen King. I just don’t know if I would have read it on my lunch had I known what would happen. It’s sad. It’s not bloody and violent the way The Dark Tower is, it’s psychological, like Under The Dome. I wonder how Stephen King develops the minds of some of his characters. Does he have a collection of psychological texts and case studies to draw on or does he just see the potential for twisted behaviour in people? Herman Wouk Is Still Alive is powerfully unnerving. After thinking about it, maybe I’m glad that I wasn’t alone, that there were three other people in the lunch room with me, so I wasn’t fully itching to get out of my skin. If you enjoy stories that are in the hidden, deep parts of the mind, then this King read is for you.

Thanks to John Mutford at The Book Mine Set for hosting Short Story Monday.


  1. I like Stephen Kings stories that are psychological rather than violent and bloody, so I will have to check this one out. The most bloodiest and violent book of his I read was 'Firestarter.' I know that is pretty tame compared to some of his others.

    I read 'The Green Book' and really enjoyed it:

  2. I didn't realize this story created such a heated debate on The Atlantic website. Scroll down below the story to check it out. Some people love it, some hate it and many are very passionate when it comes to King and his work. Thanks to John Mutford for getting me to read the comments below the story.