Saturday, May 05, 2012


I loved The Avengers.  My husband called it outstanding and he’s not one for exaggeration.  I don't even think this will count as a review since I only have good things to say.  The actors brought to life some of my favourite superheroes.  The actions scenes were fluid and amazing.  There was a lot of CG, but it blended well with the real people.  I loved the humour.  Joss Whedon fans can really appreciate his sense of humour.  (Is it bad that in my head I'm comparing some of the movie dialogue to Buffy?)

So, I want to list all the things/scenes/moments I loved, but there are two problems with that.  One, that would be an entire list of spoilers.  Two, it would be a long list.  Let's just say, that I already want to see it again.  (I probably won't though.  The logistics of going out with my hubby to see a movie drives me nuts sometimes.  I'll just highly anticipate the DVD.)

Whatever you do, don't leave the theatre before the credits are completely over.  Three-quarters of the theatre were out, but we and the other geeks waited until the final names rolled by for one last scene with the team.

I don't know if I could have asked for more.

I couldn't resist adding the Lego poster too. They all look so angry


  1. My son and I went to see it last night and really enjoyed it as well. We'd been looking forward to it all week. If I could throw out one eensy-weensy teeny-weeny complaint, it was that Loki's head gear reminded me of the Power Rangers villains. Other than that, all good. And as you said, quite funny, unexpectedly funny actually.

    1. Loki's head gear was definitely outrageous, but it was pretty true to the comic, so for that reason I approved of it. The humour was in the Joss Whedon style. I'm a fan of his work.