Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Blockade Billy

Blockade Billy actually consists of two stories.  Blockade Billy is the first and takes up two thirds of the short book and Morality is the “bonus story” that makes up the final third.

Blockade Billy was a great story.  I enjoyed the narrator, Granny.  He was the third base coach of the Titans and he’s the one who tells the story of Blockade Billy Blakely to Mr. King (Stephen King putting himself in another of his works).  Granny is an excellent narrator, he tells the story (with an amazing memory) and keeps his voice.  He gives us the opportunity to feel sympathy, shock and awe as he felt it while telling Blockade Billy’s story.

Blockade Billy is one of the stories King tells which focuses on the horror of individuals rather than the horror of the supernatural.  Though I enjoy these types of stories, they disturb me on a different level.  Of course, I’m reading Stephen King, so what else do I expect?  [Vague allusions to spoilers, but I won’t be specific.]  While I like the actions that constituted the end of the story, I didn’t like the reason for it all.  It left me a little disappointed.  Billy talked to himself.  More than once, he is referred to as a “black hole” for luck, meaning that he sucks away the good luck of those around him.  In the description of the book, it says that he is erased from the game; the entire first half of the Titan’s season is erased.  These sorts of descriptions led me to believe that the reason for Billy’s behaviour and amazing ability would be more… complex.  The reason for it all just seemed too mundane for the build-up.  That being said, I still really liked the story, maybe my expectations were just too high.

Morality is another utterly messed up story from Stephen King.  Morality is another tale that is about the horror of people.  Would you agree to do something awful (and get away with it) for the right price?

I don't really have much more to say on the short piece.  It kept the King creepy vibe going after Blockade Billy.  It was difficult to put down.  I had to be careful when reading though, this story could give me nightmares.

Two great stories, nicely paired.

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