Friday, July 12, 2013

Dead And Loving It

Dead And Loving It is a collection of four novellas, all around 50-80 pages, about the Wyndam Werewolves and their friends, by MaryJanice Davidson.  From the title, I thought it was part of the Undead series.  One of the novellas comes after Undead and Unreturnable and involves the main Undead cast, but it's really about the werewolf.  These stories are all about werewolves finding love.

Santa Claws

Wow, is Santa Claws all sexed up!  At first we meet the two characters, Alec and Giselle.  Alec is a gorgeous werewolf and Giselle is a curvy brunette.  She's a little self-depricating, which I am not a big fan of.  She keeps talking about how big her ass is.  I get it, okay, you have a big butt.  Alec isn't blind. He comes on strong, even though he's trying to hold back.  The creep/stalker warnings do go off for Giselle, so that's good, and he tries to woo in a non-scary and creepy way.  There's not too much plot to the story, but what saves it is the end.  The little twist with Giselle certainly surprises Alec.  Without it, I don't know if I would have liked the story as much.

Monster Love

Simply, I didn't like it.  There was lots of sex, but too much violence.  I couldn't connect with the characters. They had poor decision making abilities.  That's all I really want to say about it.

There's No Such Thing As A Werewolf

The cutest story so far. Definitely more romance/relationship development than the other stories.  I really enjoyed Drake and Crescent. They had such interesting, contrasting personalities.  I'm also seeing a theme with werewolf males and mating. They can be... aggressive. I also liked the introduction of a new supernatural element to the story. I think I like that Crescent just can not be surprised.  I actually wouldn't mind reading more about this couple.

A Fiend In Need

This was the story I was looking most forward to. A Fiend In Need tells the story about how Antonia the werewolf ended up living with Queen Betsy and her friends. Queen Betsy is the main character of the Undead series, which I've been reading for a few years. It is a series I've really enjoyed.  Then one day I picked up the next novel in the series and there's Antonia from the Wyndam Werewolves.  They mention that she's now a part of the group and Garrett's girlfriend, but not much beyond that.  I guess way back in 2007 I hadn't noticed that this collection of novellas included Antonia and Garrett's meeting. 

I really enjoyed Antonia and Garrett's story. They are both unique characters and uniquely suited for each other. I enjoyed watching both of them, especially Antonia. I love that she found more than a man by the end of the story. 

Though I really enjoyed A Fiend In Need, unlike the other novellas, I don't really think it stood on its own the way the others did.  Perhaps it was because of how many characters were involved. Betsy's entire entourage was a part of Antonia and Garrett's story.  There wasn't much background given to any of the characters except Antonia and Garrett.  There were a few facts given, like everyone's role, Queen, King, assistant, doctor, etc, but I think to someone who hadn't read the previous Undead books, they would all feel a little flat.  Though I suppose, it is a story about a werewolf finding love, so maybe I was just expecting more from characters I already know. I did love visiting these characters again; it's been a long time. I think I might continued reading about them. 

If you're a fan of MaryJanice Davidson, her Undead or Wyndam Werewolves stories, I think you'll enjoy this collection. 

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