Thursday, August 08, 2013

Classics Club - August Meme

I don't usually do the Classics Club monthly meme questions.  This month, however, the Classics Club asks:  Do you read forewords/notes that precede many classics?  Does it help you or hurt you in your enjoyment/understanding of the work?

I have blogged about this topic many times before.  Introductions have ruined the story for me. It all depends on the book, I suppose. Here's a collection of what I've written on the topic:

I actually only posted this the first time a few weeks ago, on July 20th.  What do you think of introductions?


  1. I do tend to read the intro or forwards first for a better understanding of the novel. Some don't give away too much. Others tend to give background information that can help the reader get the right perspective

    1. I guess I've been burned to many times. I've actually yelled at introductions that have revealed plot points.