Thursday, January 23, 2014

UR, by Stephen King

Stephen King's Ur was fantastic. It had a bit of a slow beginning, but after Wesley gets the Kindle, the story is amazing. I really enjoyed Wesley's journey over the 60+ pages of Ur. He goes throughout some highs and lows and emotional extremes. I also really enjoyed Robbie. He was more than what he appeared to be and those are often my favourite kind of characters.

King published this novella in 2009. It revolves around a Kindle, back when Kindles only came in white. Was that really only 5 years ago?  Kindles and ereaders in general have come such a long way. Plus, all the apps to read on phones and tablets... the cloud readers for desktop and laptop computers... Five years doesn't seem like a long time to me, but I guess it is when it comes to technology.

Wes and Robbie did the right thing, even though they were going against the Paradox Laws.  I thought the concept of Paradox Laws was really interesting, something I hope King explores in other stories.  I also thought the "people" who enforced the Paradox Laws were interesting.  The Tower, the King, it was all very exciting for me when I got to that part.  Anything that touches on The Dark Tower series seems to make me happy.  It was a great surprise.  Ur was created for e-reading.  A 60 page story wouldn't be published on paper, but it's great as an ebook.  Reading it on a Kindle might actually add to the creep factor, especially if you could get a pink skin or cover (do they have those?)

Ur is a great read for any Stephen King fan.  I think it would also be a good story to jump in with.  It's short(ish) and creepy.  It revolves around a relevant topic and has relatable characters.  King is one of my favourite authors and Ur was a great representation of his style and sensibilities.  I wonder what story of King's I'll read next.

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