Monday, September 22, 2014

Where There's Smoke, by Jodi Picoult

I've always been curious about author Jodi Picoult.  She's written some wildly popular books, at least one I can think was made into a movie.  Pic out has written so many books, where do I start?  I start where I have with other authors.  I read a short story.  Where There's Smoke is available for free from iBooks, Kindle and Kobo.  It's also available through Google Play and as a PDF directly from Jodi Picoult's website.  If I missed anything, information is available through her site.

Where There's Smoke features a main character from Picoult's upcoming novel Leaving Time. It's offered for free, I believe, as part of the promotion for Leaving Time. I've always thought that offering free short stories is a good way to get people interested in a novel. Am I interested in reading Leaving Time. Yes...ish. Serenity, the main character and narrator of Where There's Smoke, is an interesting character. I like how naturally she describes and uses her psychic abilities. I could read more of Serenity, I thought I might have gotten a bit more in the short story. The story had a "prologue" feel to it. Though, what I considered the secondary storyline, was resolved, the main plot was not. I assume it will be dealt with in the novel, but as a short story on its own, the conclusion was lacking. So, while I want to know what happens to Serenity, the short story could have been just a smidge better.  

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