Thursday, May 07, 2015

Mirror Mirror

It is rare for Julia Roberts play the villain. I can't even think of another time. It's one of the reasons I wanted to see Mirror Mirror. Another, is that I enjoy fairy tale retellings, especially if the heroine gets to be more heroic than in the classic tales. I know the movie is a few years old and it didn't get the best rating, but I was trying to decide what to watch, I felt like I wanted something where I didn't have to think.  I was also thinking about my children and wanted to preview some of the options on Netflix for appropriateness. (I pre-screen occasionally. A while ago, my daughter saw the Waynes getting shot and I had to do some quick talking.  Not making that mistake again.)

Mirror Mirror is a visually engaging movie; it's total eye candy. The sets were fantastic, but the costumes stole the show. The Queen's dresses were brilliantly elaborate. The costumes from the party scene were hilarious and wonderful. Whatever Nathan Lane was wearing on his head was perfect. The simplicity of the dress that the Queen's reflection wore was a fantastic contrast.  The sets and especially the costumes add a lot to the movie.

The movie had a lot of great moments.  One-liners, scenes that were fun, funny and sweet.  I really liked the twist at the end.  I liked the fight between Snow White and the prince; it was a fun way for them to get to know each other a little more, to become confused.  The prince under the spell was hilarious.  The actor did a great job.  It could not have been easy, there must have been some great outtakes.  The plot of the movie wasn't....the best.  It was okay. I think my daughter might like it, though there were a couple of slower parts, so there's a possibility of her getting bored halfway through.  We'll see.  I'm glad I watched it.  It was fun brain candy.

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