Friday, May 15, 2015

The Waves - I'm Not Finished

Why am I not finished yet?  I had the due date for the Classics Club Spin ages ago.  I started the book weeks ago.  It's not very long, not even 250 pages.  Here's the problem: It makes me sleepy.  I can barely get through a page without starting the yawn.  It's been really helpful with my insomnia.  I push myself to try to read five or ten pages, but I think only once have I been able to do more.  That one time was when I had to go into the city and was on the train for an hour both ways.  Even that wasn't enough.  I think I only managed to get through about 50 pages that day.  On this train ride, which I do about once a month, I can often finish half a book or more!  I just couldn't keep reading without wanting to shut my eyes.

Thus far, Virginia Woolf's The Waves is a beautiful piece of literature.  It's lyrical and visual and I do like it.  It's just so very STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS.  Very.  

I mentioned in my Spin post, this is my second time reading it.  I wondered why I didn't remember what happened the first time, and now I think I know why.

Also, the Spin was a little funny this time around.  The original post said the Spin date was May 15 (today), but on May 5 a post went up.  No one changed anything, though many Clubbers mentioned the error in the comments.  It was probably either a typo or a mis-scheduling of the post. 5/15, very close.  Oh well.  

When will I finished The Waves?  I hope soon.  Afterwards, I'm going to find something light. I have some options. I think that I want no thinking, maybe lots of feelings and action.


  1. Anonymous15/5/15 10:37

    I discovered the same thing when I tried to read another one of her books - To The Lighthouse - I think

    1. I've read To The Lighthouse, a long time ago. The Waves is more "experimental".

  2. Anonymous15/5/15 15:55

    Ha, ha, Virginia Woolf makes me sleepy, too!