Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Witch Must Burn

The Witch Must Burn is the second of the Dorothy Must Die short stories. It's all about our favourite Emerald Palace maid, Jellia. I don't know of it was just me, but she seemed older in Dorothy Must Die. But in reality, she's about the same age as Ozma. I just love her. Jellia is amazing. She's smart, but scared. She's trying to keep her head down, but knows something must be done. I like that Danielle Paige has written the story of how Jellia becomes involved with the Order. Life in Oz just hasn't been the same since Dorothy came back to town.

Also, Glinda is crazy scary. What I thought about her and the Scarecrow is true. She's an evil masterind and he's a mad scientist!! The poor Munchkins. Glinda and the Scarecrow are just terrible and I look forward to the stories that reveal how they became this way.

I really like that we get to learn more about Nox, though he's as aloof as ever. I wonder if we'll ever get his background story. Though he reveals bits about himself in The Witch Must Burn and Dorothy Must Die, I know we're not getting the full tale.

Though I've been getting a bit tired off all these series having extra short stories and novellas, reading No Place Like Oz and The Witch Must Burn, has been very revealing, and I think anyone reading the Dorothy Must Die series has to read these stories too.

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