Friday, September 22, 2006

Celebrity Duets

I can’t believe that Jai Rodriguez got voted off Celebrity Duets!! He was clearly the best singer. By far! Did you hear him with Gladys Knight? He was amazing. How about with Patty LaBelle? Michelle Williams? Again and again, he was amazing. I just don’t understand how he could be voted off. He wasn’t the only good singer, there are others, but Jai Rodriguez was fabulous.

Is that the problem? I wonder. Was he too fabulous? Part of the Fab Five? Lucy Lawless certainly looked shocked when they were told Jai would be the one going home. So was I. So were a lot of people, I believe. The judges all thought he would be in the finally. What does that tell you?

I suppose that I’m just upset at the outcome. Jai deserved to win. I really thought he would win. He seemed to work the hardest and want it the most. What can really be said? The decision has been made. We live with these upsets, these injustices. They look trivial on the outside, but I think they are deeper than they first appear. Besides this, there is nothing that can be done. We just have to see what happens next with the show and with Jai Rodriguez.

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