Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Eyes

I've been having a slight medical difficulty. I have tiny ulcers on the surface of my eyes (the left far worse than the right.) My eyes started bothering me on Wednesday the 6th and seeing out of the left one was difficult. Everything was foggy and out of focus. So Thursday I went to the clinic just a few units over from where I work. The doctor saw me and told me that I had to go to the emergency room right away and see the specialist. I went back to work (very anxious) and asked the graphic designer (who I like and trust) to drive me to the ER. Of course, our boss made her stay and he drove me instead. He totally had me going nuts by the time we got there; he actually made me more anxious than when I left. The designer would have had me much calmer.

Anyway, the doctor checked me out and told me what was wrong. He said it was brought on by my contacs not fitting properly. But he was surprised that it happened in the summer. Usually this sort of thing only happens in the winter when the air is dry. I told him that I work in a very dry environment. He asked where I worked. When I explained it to him, his response was, Oh... So even though my workplace didn't cause my problem, it was definitely a contributing factor. I also don't think it's helping me get better. But we have no sick days, so I can't take any time off.

I'm going for a follow-up on the 18th with the specialist I saw in the ER. Hopefully, I'm either be better by then or I get to file some Worker's Comp paperwork.... My boss is totally in denial. He was surprised that my eyes didn't magically get better over the weekend! I told another co-worker (a soon to be supervisor) and she said that if he admits to anything, he's probably afraid that he'll have to pay for it. He's so frustrating.

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So for health and other reasons, I've officially began looking for a new job. I've updated my resume. I'm having a friend who works in HR read it over for me. Hopefully I find a job where my co-worker isn't fluffing the boss.

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