Friday, October 08, 2010

Thirsty Book Hop

Book Blogger Hop

This week’s Hop question over at the Crazy-for-Books is: What is your favourite beverage while reading or blogging?

I love tea. I have an entire section of my pantry just for my tea and tea related things. Though, on occasion, I have been known to drink a martini while sitting at the computer…

What do you like to drink, if anything?


  1. I enjoy a col;d Dr. Pepper or hot chocolate while reading or blogging!! I am a follower come check out my blog and follow me

  2. Hi! I am stoppping in from the Friday Blog hop... nice blog! I am a new follower... oh and I like a HOT drink while I'm reading or blogging! Check out my blog and follow back if you want!

  3. Anonymous8/10/10 22:46

    Hopping back, thanks for visiting my blog. Happy weekend! :)

  4. Smooth coffee with cream. There's nothing like it!

  5. cup of strong tea for me please with little milk and half a sugar :)

    I drink about 6-8 mugs a day.
    I also like pepsi max and the odd glass of wine.