Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top Ten Books I’ll Never Read

The Broke and The Bookish have presented us with an interesting list for Top Ten Tuesday. What are the Top Ten Books I’ll Never Read? That’s really difficult. I don’t want to count any book out. However, after thinking about it, I came up with ten books, for different reasons, I don’t think I’ll ever read. This is the order they came to mind, not the order of importance, though I did want to end with number ten.

1. War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy – It’s not that I don’t want to read it. I actually own it (it was 50 cents, how could I resist?). It is just so BIG. It seems like there is always something else on my shelf more appealing/less daunting.

2. A Million Little Pieces, James Frey – There was some controversy about this book when it came out. There was some lying involved. I admit to not knowing what the actual story was. I don’t tend to read something just because of media attention. It just gives me a feeling like I don’t want to read it.

3. The Firm, John Grisham – I know, I’m about to be stoned. I saw the movie, which I know isn’t always a good indicator of a book, though it wasn’t a bad movie. There’s a part of me that wants to read it, I just don’t feel like I ever will.

4. Misery, Stephen King – I know, more stoning. How could I not want to read it? As many people know, I’ve read quite a few Stephen King novels. I even own Misery. But do you know what it’s about? I do. I saw the trailers for the movie (which I also haven’t seen) and I’ve read the synopsis for the book. It’s just a tad too creepy for me.

5. The Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan – My husband owns these books (except the new ones) and has read them. He thinks, however, that I won’t like them; I’ll get bored with them. They are also really, really long. All of them.

6. The Vampire Diaries, L.J. Smith – I’ve had enough of the sugary vampires that teenage girls fall in love with. What happened to Dracula, Lestat or even Selene? The show has just put me off ever wanting to read the books (even though I think Ian Somerhalder is super sexy).

7. Confessions of an Heiress, Paris Hilton – I hope I don’t have to explain this.

8. Star, Pamela Anderson – See above.

9. Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert – Maybe if I could jet around the world to find myself, I’d be more interested in reading this book. I’m sure it’s well written to be so appealing to so many people; I just don’t think it’s for me.

10. A Shore Thing, Snooki– (Yup, it's got a title.) See 7 & 8.

Now, I’d never say never. Who knows how I’d feel about 1-6 and 9 in a year? But, if I had to choose right now, those are what I’d pick (or not pick, as the case may be.) I don’t believe in banning books, so if you’re a fan of any of these books, I support your choice to read them. Maybe your opinion on them could even change my mind. After all, I’m currently reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo because of peer pressure and really enjoying it.


  1. Oh no.. I didn't hear the Snookie book had a title. What a sad, sad day in the publishing world.

    Also, great list :)

  2. Totally agree with A Million Little Pieces. I have actually read some of it but it's not worth it (IMO). The Firm is one of my fave books (I'm not offended it's on your no-read list) but I sure hope you consider giving it a try. It's not quite the same as the movie.

  3. wait, Pamela Anderson wrote a book? hahaha.

  4. Confessions of an Heiress is on my list, too. I can't believe Hilton got paid to write a book. On the other hand, at least she DID SOMETHING to earn that money. Possibly.

    I can't believe I forgot Star. I always cringed when I had to ring that book out at the bookstore I worked in.

    Snookie. UGH.

    Actually, the Vampire Diaries book are very different from the show. That being said, they're still about a girl falling in love with a vampire, and honestly I didn't care too much for them, but they *are* different.

  5. I can't believe they actually went with the pun for the Snooki book. Or, you know, that she's writing a book.

    Pisses me off. I mean, she's obviously not going to write it herself.

  6. I actually read A Million Little Pieces before the sh*t hit the fan and I kept saying to myself "this can't be real". I was right. I also read half of Eat, Pray, Love and abandoned what felt like a trip into the life of spoiled girl.

  7. For me, the book I can't bring myself to read is A WOLF AT THE TABLE by Augusten Borroughs. He writes well, but this particular book has a chill about it that makes me hesitate.

  8. The whole Snooki-Book thing disturbs me.

    I’m often back and forth as to whether I’d read The Firm. It just seems like there’s always something else more appealing (except A Million Little Pieces).

    Yes, Pamela Anderson wrote a book. I actually think she wrote a second one, but I was scared to look. I can’t believe people actually paid money for Star or for Confessions of an Heiress.

    I suppose, if somehow the Vampire Diaries fell into my lap, I’d read them.

    A Wolf at the Table sounds like it would make me angry. I’m not sure I’d read it either.

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I’m glad my list didn’t offend anyone.

  9. I've read the Firm and The Vampire Diaries and I believe I can safely say your life will be complete without reading either.
    Nuff said.

  10. I've no idea what the Snookie book is but from reactions here I gather I am happier in ignorance. Agree with you about the Vampire Diaries, Eat Pray Love and the Wheel of Time. I read the first couple of Wheel books before deciding that life was too short.