Friday, June 17, 2011

The Every-Growing Stack

Book Blogger Hop

This week, Jennifer at Crazy-for-Books wants to know how many books are in your tbr (To Be Read) pile.

If I actually piled the books together, it wouldn’t be quite as big as Jennifer’s but it would still be pretty tall. I have just over 150 books waiting to be read. That’s not including the online wishlists I have. At the rate I read books, it would take me at least three to four years to get through all of those books, assuming I didn’t buy any more. This does not include books my husband owns and I want to read. If we did that, there would be at least another 50 books to add to the pile, if not closer to 100. He owns more books than I do, but I’m not interested in reading all of them, otherwise, that’d be hundreds added to my list.

I started keeping what I’ve called my shortlist on my dresser. It’s a stack of five or six books. They’re the books I want to read next. Does it always work out that way? No. When I take a book off the pile, another takes its place. That book has ended up being the next book I read, while I ignore the five other books that have been sitting there for the past weeks or month.

How many books are waiting for you?


  1. Thanks for stopping by. That sounds like a really good idea. I like the short list concept. I think it's time for a shelf re-organization. ;)

  2. Anonymous17/6/11 15:45

    My TRB pile is similar to yours: I've got 162 books waiting to be read. Every year I've been trying to increase my year end reading goals. Last year I read about 50. This year I'm hoping for 60. Next year maybe 75 if I meet my goal this year. Hopefully I'll be able to get through the pile eventually (or at least whittle it down to 25) Like you, I also keep a shortlist! though I often deviate from it. I'm incorrigible XD

  3. hmmm...if we're talking virtual TBR piles then mine is still shorter than everyone's at like 128 or something. I could not have literally 500 books to be read in my small apartment, that would be crazy.

  4. I'm generally pretty good about keeping a short to-read list. I go to the library every week and pick up 2-3 books. I can generally knock those out in a week.

  5. I have way too many books on my TBR list and TBR pile. All told that comes to about sixty books.

    Now here's the scary math: I read roughly one book per week - and sometimes two. But two to three books are being added to my TBR list every week.

    Stressful, right?


    Hop on over to my blog - and find out why.

    Howard Sherman

  6. Yes, I have my huge TBRs, and then the shorter stacks of books to read next, which keeps changing every week as I read them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. That's about how many books I have, plus my Kindle/pdf review reads.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier (For What It's Worth). My header and overall design was done by Parajunkee but my black background was a stock photo that I added later.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. It sounds like you have a pretty good system going. I'll often just reach for whatever I can get to, first. :-)

  9. New follower! Happy reading, friend!

    Nikki @ Books Most Wanted

  10. Anonymous18/6/11 01:06

    Just hopping by! I read a book every 36 hours or so and it would still take me more than 3 years to get through the books I actually own

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  11. The same thing happens to me with my next-to-read pile. I'm more comfortable with being spontaneous and choosing something I want to read now, rather than planning what to read. Maybe that's why I'm a bit behind on my challenges ;) Have a great weekend!

  12. Maria, I'm glad I started the "short stack", but I just added another book. I'm hoping to keep it short...

    booklush, I try to increase the amount of books I read every year too, but it's difficult with addition of babies in my life.

    Lah, My hubby and I used to have books stored in plastic bins until we bought a house. Now our library has exploded. We have shelves in half our living room, creating a nice little library.

    smellincoffee, I might be too book-obsessed to do that.

    Howard, owning books could never be stressful to me, they make me happy.

    Laurel-Rain, I try not to change my short stack too much, instead I try to remember why to books were placed there in the first place.

    Karen, I want to start downloading pdfs (I don't own and eReader), but that'll make my list even crazier.

    Tiger, It makes me feel good having a system, but sometimes my mood changes and I pick up a book I didn't expect too.

    Nikki, thanks for following!

    Shelleyrae, I wish I had time to read a different book every 36 hours.

    Teacher, I think that's why I dont' do challenges.

  13. I have a special shelf on my bookshelf reserved for to-be-read books. I just counted 46 books there, not including Religious Right books I want to review for my blog.

  14. Ahab, 46 is a great number. Though that was probably 5 years ago for me (before I bought a house).