Monday, June 20, 2011

A Poor Boy’s Piano, by Susan D. Rogers

Can music mask pain? That’s what I’m left wondering after reading Susan D. Rogers’, A Poor Boy’s Piano (via the blog, Quick Brown Fox.) It was an interesting short story. Printed from the website, it was only four pages. There was a lot packed into that limited amount of words. The plot arched and the main character seemed to learn or at least remember something good. I really like the description of Vancouver and felt that I got a little taste of the city’s personality and its inhabitants (this was probably written pre-riots).

I wanted to rave about this story. I don’t know why. Is it the blog it came from, the picture and description of the author, was it the title? I’m not sure. I liked the story. At first, I felt as though I should feel sorry for the main character, then I realized I might hate him. Was the ending supposed to make us feel sorry for him? Maybe. It was a sad, sweet ending, but perhaps it was too sweet. Without it, though, it might seem like he didn’t learn anything. I don’t want to give too much away for those who want to read the story. I think it’s a decent read; worth the time I’ve spent with it. I am curious how others react. It feels like some people might love it and others hate it.

Thanks to John Mutford for hosting Short Story Monday.


  1. Thanks for the link. I've been looking for more Canadian short stories online. I'll let you know what I think next week!

    You describe this story the way I describe olives or blue cheese. I like them, but I would totally understand how someone wouldn't.

  2. John, This is definitely a blue cheese story.

  3. Your review certainly has me curious, I will have to read it.