Thursday, September 20, 2012

Insurgent (Divergent #2)

Insurgent was everything I wanted.  I know a lot of people who have read this book and I'm not talking just about girls.  A LOT of people, even my middle-aged boss loved this book (and Divergent).  From what he said to me, I think the fighting appeals to him.  Not that the story is particularly gory.  It’s just not glossed over, like I’ve seen in other Young Adult books.  The “fights” are well-written; the scenes are charged with emotion and purpose, the details are refined and you get a clear picture in your head.

Also, no love triangle!  It’s not even attempted.  I love that about this series.  Tris and Four's relationship is important, not just to them, but to how certain scenarios play out.  They aren’t a “perfect” couple either.  They have problems, there are trust issues, intimacy issues and family issues all coming into play.  It’s almost like a real relationship (except that it’s in a dystopian Chicago).  I like that they have problems; it makes the relationship more substantial for me.

I don't know what else I can say that won't give away this amazing story.  Veronica Roth did an amazing job.  Insurgent reached all my expectations.  While I saw the "twist" coming since book one, I didn't quite predict everything.  That's probably my favourite kind of foreshadowing; the setup was there without giving everything away.  I can't believe I have to wait a year until the as-yet untitled conclusion to the trilogy is published.  It will be one of those books I snap up as soon as it’s released. After reading Insurgent, I think the Divergent will save the world.

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