Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thor: The Dark World

My Hubby and I finally got around to seeing Thor: The Dark World. I wish I could say I loved it.  There were parts I loved, like Thor and Loki in the ship or on the boat.  Jane and the Quantum Field Generator. Erik and Stonehenge. Loki being "righteous." Frigga! As a whole though, I thought it could be better.  I remember reading, when they were filming, that they brought Joss Whedon in to "fix" some script problems. Maybe they should have let him proof the whole thing...  Also, I was disappointed with the 3D. They didn't use it right. There were so many opportunities to make the 3D amazing (rocks and lasers my way, please).  I don't want to be too negative though.  I thought the visuals were amazing.  I liked hearing about what Jane went through after Thor left the first time. I loved the after battle scene with everyone eating breakfast, because what else is there to do? There were good surprises and great actors.  Thor was a fun movie.


  1. Good review Loni. Thor still surprisingly has something charming about him that not only has you root for him right away, but think of him as somewhat of a cool guy.

    1. Thanks Dan O. Thor is definitely a cool guy and I think well played by Chris Hemsworth.