Thursday, December 12, 2013


I've been thinking about what to write for Joe Hill's novel Horns for a while now.  I really enjoyed it.  It is a haunting, chilling tale.  Joe Hill creates characters you love, you empathize with, then they're gone.  Merrin, the girl who dies (part of the premise of the book) is a great girl.  Hill makes you love her.  While you are getting to know her, it's sad, because you know she's going to die and you know how.  It's awful, but in a way that serves the story. The novel is fantastic, though I found myself putting it down when I felt emotional.

I loved Ig Perish.  He was amazing, quirky and sweet. I was always rooting for him. I wanted Iggy to be happy. I wanted him to get justice (revenge). I wanted the truth to be known. Iggy was a fantastic, engaging main character and I was excited to be with him through his journey. I also enjoyed Ig's brother Terry.  He was an interesting character, thought to be the ideal son, but changes and becomes more. Many of the characters were more than what they first appear to be.  Of course, Ig's new ability is what allows us easy access to their inner most thoughts.

Horns has definitely made me a Joe Hill fan.  I picked up Heart-Shaped Box not that long ago and I'm eager to read it now.  I've also been hearing fantastic things about NOS4A2 and if it's anything like Horns, I'm excited to read that too.

Also, movie.  I'd like to see it.


  1. I couldn't help picturing Radcliffe as Ig the whole time I was reading this. This movie needs to come out pleaseandthankyou

    1. Me Too! I tried not to, but once I saw that picture, I couldn't help it.