Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Masked Mosaic

Masked Mosaic was an interesting collection of Canadian super hero stories.  I first heard about this book from Sarah at Workaday Reads, who I then won the ebook from. I was really excited to begin reading this collection. At first it wasn't what I thought. The super hero stories were dark. They deal with gritty, honest emotions and the heroes aren't just good. They are complex individuals. 

After about the first third of the book, something happened. I lost interest a bit. I think it was the story I read, it through me off. So I left it for a little while. Since it was short stories, it was easy to let it fall to the side. Then one day, I finished whatever book I was reading and I needed something, so I started reading the stories again and I was hooked more completely. Maybe I just like the latter two thirds of the collection better? Actually, that's not a maybe. I really, really enjoyed the rest of the stories. There was more heart, they were more exciting. From the story Kid Wonder to the end, that's where my favourites are. I loved The Seamstress Without A Costume and The Shield Maiden. There were so many great stories. The collection is definitely worth the time to see what Canadian Super Stories are like.

It seems that one of the editors, Claude Lalumière has another super hero short story collection.  I'd like to have a look at those stories and see if he collected another gritty group of heroes.  I'll also be on the lookout for all the wonderful authors who contributed to this collection.  It is a fantastic group of stories from a fantastic group of writers.

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