Friday, April 11, 2014

Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Star Wars: Jedi Academy was the cutest piece of Star Wars geekery I have ever read. I loved Jeffery Brown's writing and illustrations. I loved the young Padawan, Roan, trying to find his way. I loved the Jedi Temple being like a regular middle school for these kids. He wanted to be a pilot, not a Jedi!  With the backdrop of Star Wars, Jedi Academy taps into what it's like to be a kid. 

Even though the last page has nothing really to do with the story, I thought it was wonderful. I want a journal just like that. I want photos and drawings and interesting bits of life taped in. I think it's great to be encouraging kids to create journals like this. You don't have to be a writer or artist to record your feelings everyday, you just have to live your life.

I'm excited that a new Jedi Academy book is coming out. I'm not surprised, since this story only covered the first year. Is this going to be a trilogy? Or a much longer series? Either way, I think I'm hooked. My excuse will be that I'm going to start reading them to my daughter.

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