Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Fool was hilarious. It was funny and cheeky and thoroughly entertaining. Christopher Moore has written a lot of books, and I know several people who are big fans. At first, I didn't know where to start. Should I start with Bloodsucking Fiends or Sacré Bleu? LambFool kept staring out at me from the bookshelf. A retelling of King Lear, I had to read it.

Pocket was an interesting, complex character. As the fool, he had access to more information than anyone else and could manipulate the nobles from behind the scenes. Many did not expect the fool to be so intelligent. His origins were not what I expected. Raised by nuns in a convent, Pocket had an interesting perspective and a large working knowledge of Christianity. For a time, he thought he would become a priest, a member of the clergy, perhaps copying tomes for the bulk of his life. Then he had to get himself thrown out. I think the below quote really sums up Pockets attitude about most everything.

"You might think that it was cruel of her to spend her only time in contact with the outside world telling lies to a little boy, but then, the first story that Mother Basil had told me was about a talking snake who gave tainted fruit to naked people, and the bishop had made her an abbess." (pg 67)

Pocket is referring to the anchoress, someone who is supposed to be praying for the sins of the king. She is more important than he knows.

There is a lot of shagging in Fool. A lot. There is swearing and snogging and shagging and this novel is not for the faint of heart. Everything is written humourously; this is a very funny book and it's meant to be. However, if you don't want to hear about wanks, tossers and such, be warned.

(Did you know that when I typed "fool" into Google, the first thing that came up was stock investing advice?  Seems counter-intuitive, no?)


  1. Christopher Moore is ALWAYs a riot -- have you read his "The Stupidest Angel"?

    1. Fool is my first Christopher Moore novel. I have Sacré Bleu, so I'll probably read that soon. I've seen The Stupidest Angel and it definitely sounds like something I'd enjoy.