Friday, June 26, 2015

Halfway Through 2015 and What Have I Done?

In real life, my daughter turned 6!  Yup.  6.  I feel old.  What happened to my baby? Also, I'm planning my son's 4th birthday.  4!  My baby boy!

Awesome Books I Read:

Lots of Grisha! 1, 2 + short story

Fun Movies I Saw:
Avengers: Age of Ultron
- Apparently I haven't watched that many movies lately


Also, I bought a bunch of books when a bookstore closed. *sniff* I got a job! *cheers*, but not before I compared interviews to blind dates and discovered my most disliked interview question. Not in that order. Did I mention that I had two printers and they both broke at the same time! Let's not forget - and maybe I should have led with this - I met Andrew Pyper!

I really need to make that Kofta Kabab again.  It was so tasty.  I also have two more Grisha short stories and the final novel calling my name. I'm thinking of trying my next turkey breast on the barbecue. I also plan on watching a couple more movies.  I used to watch movies all the time.  What happened? I think I'll be tackling a few more classics, like maybe Mansfield Park.  I hope everyone else has had a great first half of 2015.

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