Friday, June 05, 2015

Siege and Storm

Siege and Storm was the perfect book for my mood. I wanted excitement, emotion, love, hate and the unexpected. Siege and Storm delivered all of that. I'll try to be vague with the spoilers, but there will be some. If you skip the rest of the post, just know that I loved the second book in Liegh Bardugo's Grisha trilogy and I'm happy that I already have a copy of Ruin and Rising. I devoured Siege and Storm, and I think book #3 is going to get the same treatment.

The story was full of the unexpected. I was really surprised that they found the sea whip so soon. I thought it would be more of a journey, like with the stag. I think there is something more to Mal. He can't be that good. I thought so when he found the stag in Shadow and Bone, but after the sea whip, I feel so certain of it. I am excited to see what happens with him in the next book. I was also surprised that we didn't get to spend more time with Alina and Mal on the run, especially after reading the synopsis. I thought there would be more build up, but if there were more, the book would have had to be longer and I think it was the right length.

I loved Sturmhond. Everything about him. The surprising and a bit of the expected, but in a good way. I was worried he'd turn out to be like his brother or the Darkling, but he was just right. He was coated in lies and personas, but I think there was truth there, genuine emotion and attachment to Alina and even Mal. His surprise was one of my favourites.

The twins were fantastic. Tamar and Tolya brought a new perspective to the Grisha, powerful people, who didn't rely solely on their power or want to be part of the Second Army. I think their surprise might be my actual favourite... Not that I necessary agreed with it, but I liked it in the story.

Honestly, all of the, all the characters, new and old, throughout Seige and Storm were wonderful. Genya! David! Nadia! They had purpose, they contributed to the plot. They moved the story along, but also showed unique personalities and growth, everyone from Alina to Zoya.

Alina's transformation was (of course) the most dramatic. Once the sea whip became a part of her, her personality started to alter. The Darkling got into her head, but the end, with the two of them, was amazing. Part of me thinks Mal shouldn't have gone back for her, for the sake of their country, but he had to, because he's Mal and he's a hero. Also, then the series would be over and we can't have that!

I can't wait to see what will happen to the white hair.  The country. The firebird. The cult. There are two short stories to read too, The Little Knife and The Demon in the Wood.  I'm excited for them. I love Bardugo's short stories in the world of the Grisha. I will be reading those before I get to Ruin and Rising.  A lot of reading to do, fun, tense, exciting read.

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