Monday, July 02, 2007


Drizzt finally found a home. I don’t mean the cave on the northern face of Kelvin’s Cairn. I mean, he found the most important thing that makes a home, people who accept him. At this point in his story, Drizzt isn’t even in Icewind Dale anymore. He sits beside the throne of one of the people who help make him feel at home.

I have one problem with this story. Does no one find out what happened to Kellindil? McGristle did the bad thing and he just got away with it! Yes, he’s a human and technically a member of a ‘good’ race, but Drizzt is a member of and ‘evil’ race and we don’t treat him the way we treat the rest of his kin. I think there should be some justice for the murder of the good elf.

What else is there to come in the life of Drizzt Do’Urden? I look forward to finding out.

Note: Again, not the cover of the book I read.

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