Friday, August 10, 2012

City of Glass (Mortal Instruments #3)

Mild/Vague Spoilers…

City of Glass had the feel of the end of a trilogy.  It wasn’t because I knew it was the third book; I also know that there are two more books after it.  Much of the feeling came with the climax and the ending.  The battle, the relationships, the deaths, all had an underlying tone of finality.  Maybe Cassandra Clare wasn’t sure that The Mortal Instruments series would continue afterward.  There are obviously openings to continue, Sebastian/Johnathon, Simon/Maia/Isabelle, plus Clary’s training, but there wasn’t the cliffhanger ending like the second book.  
Obvious Spoilers…

I knew that Jace and Clary weren’t actually brother and sister, not just because I had a difficult time believing that a writer would do that, but because of all the little hints given throughout this book and the second.  The way Clary recognized Sebastian; I knew it had to be him instead, especially after the kiss.

No More Spoilers…

Cassandra Clare did not disappoint with the third book in her Mortal Instruments series.  There was one death I didn’t see coming, however (people who have read the book will know what I mean.)  It was heartbreaking, but that’s what a good writer does.  No character is safe.  

I think this might be a nice place to take a break.  There are five published books in the series.  I’ve now read three.  I want to read the other two very much, but I’ve always been a reader who likes variety and without the gnawing questions at the end, like with books one and two, I think I’m going to read another book or two before coming back to the series.  Plus, I have a feeling that City of Fallen Angels will be like a beginning to a new trilogy within the series (and book number six won’t be out for a while.)  I’ve read other series where the writers do this, create a story arch over a few books within a longer/ongoing series.  It’s nice to be left eager for the next book, but it’s also nice to think that the characters will be happy for a little while.

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