Sunday, May 19, 2013


I'm having trouble deciding between two types of Camomile.  I really enjoy drinking Camomile in the evenings.  It contains no caffeine and it has relaxing properties.  I often have a  cup after the children are asleep, while I read or write or watch tv.  It has only been about a year since I started drinking it and now it's a regular part of my evening.

Can you believe Teavana doesn't sell Camomile?  The sell some fruity thing that has Camomile it in.  Ugh.  Not for me.  In case I haven't mentioned it before, I don't typically drink fruity teas.  In general, they're too sweet. When I asked the sales person at the store why they didn't sell Camomile, her response was that it was too common and I should get it at the grocery store.  (Wow.)

Fine.  Except that most Camomile teas come with either mint or lemon flavouring already in it.  Really?  Why is it so difficult to find plain Camomile? Eventually, I actually came across two (the only two I could find) brands that had plain Camomile.  Twinings used to be the only one.  So I bought it.  A lot.  Then one day I was at the grocery store and the Lipton Pyramid teas caught my eye.  There was another Camomile! I was so surprised, I had to buy it, not because I disliked the Twinings, but because there were now two Camomile teas at the grocery store!  But, can someone tell me why I can't find a link to this tea online? Or even a picture?  It's new, only a few months since I first saw it, but come on!

I think the Lipton might have a stronger flavour than the Twinings, but it's so difficult to tell in such a mild tea. Anyone drink Camomile and have a preference?

Note: pregnant/nursing women should NOT drink this tea because it causes uterine contractions!

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