Friday, May 03, 2013

Classics in May: The Club Meme

This past January, I joined the Classics Club.  I've given myself 5 years to read 60 different classic titles.  I've included more than novels.  On my list I have classic short stories, poems, plays and children's books.  I've decided to participate in my first monthly Meme because I really wanted to talk about the novel I'm reading.

The meme topic is:
- Tell us about the classic book(s) you’re reading this month. You can post about what you’re looking forward to reading in May, or post thoughts-in-progress on your current read(s). -

I'm currently reading Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston.  It is the current Classic Club Sync Read.  I had actually been planning on reading H.G. Well's The Time Machine, but when I saw this as the sync read, I was excited.  Hurston's amazing novel was already on my list of 60 as a re-read.  I first read it in a "modern" American literature class* I had taken while in university.  I remember loving the book, but so many years and books later, I couldn't really remember what happened.  I knew there was a storm and something bad happens.  Knowing that something bad happens, but not remembering what it was has been making this a very tense read.  I'm a bit scared for Janie every time I turn the page.  Honestly, it's almost like reading it for the first time.  I have about 30-40 pages left.  I'm sure I'm going to get it done this weekend.  I've been staying up past my bedtime for the last week reading.

I'm thinking that I'll still read The Time Machine this month.  I've been feeling like I want to read more science-fiction lately and this is a genre classic.  It'll also be a re-read.  I was trying to spread my few re-reads out, but I'm going to blame the sync read for interfering with my planning.

What classics are you enjoying this month?

*The class was actually called something like American Literature from 1890-1960, but I can't remember what the exact dates were.  I just say Modern because it's easier.


  1. Welcome to the club and I'm so pleased to see someone else who joined in the sync reading. This was my first time with the book and I loved it.

    1. Brona, I just finished it. I should have the post up in a day or two. It's such an amazing story.

  2. I would love to read this book if I should lay hands on a copy. Heard so much about it. Well I am reading Olver twist this May

    1. I'll read Oliver Twist eventually.... You should read Hurston's novel. I couldn't recommend it more.