Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Why Can't Good-Looking Women Be Geeks?

I read this post on Stargazing today and was thoroughly irritated. From Stargazing:

"This is somewhat annoying. Someone at Film Drunk decided that women have to be lying when they describe themselves at science-fiction/comicbook fans and that they only do it to pander to men/boys. Which makes sense, because why else would women do anything? Am I right?"

Film Drunk even put together a reel of clips from talk shows with hot actresses confessing their nerdiness.  Some of them, ya, I think they might be saying they like Star Wars just to help promote whatever movie they're in, but others seem really genuine...  like when Rosario Dawson spoke Klingon or Megan Fox started naming off cartoonists. 

Besides that... I think I do okay in the looks department (when I'm not pregnant or recovering from pregnancy) and I'm a geek.  Just read all the Sci-fi/Fantasy/etc stuff I have all over this blog.  It's not like I "pandered" to my geeky, D&D loving husband with talk of Star Trek and comic books (FYI, he admits that I know more about the Marvel Universe than he does).  It's not like I don't have a hot, tall, blonde friend who loves Dragon Age and the recently released Dragon Age II (they're Xbox games).  Who are these "Film Drunk" people to decide hot chicks can't be geeks?  Can't women have diverse interests?  Why are they trying to place all attractive women in a box?  It just irritated me... a lot.  Click the link below to check out the Stargazing post and watch the video.


  1. As a nerd myself (though a different kind of nerd), I had to check this out. I don't know that Film Drunk is really saying that hot women can't be geeks. It seems that they're pointing out how often these hot actresses discuss their nerdiness in interviews. They say "And if a pretty girl is into geek stuff, let’s stop demanding that they prove it."

    Interesting article either way. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. There's a longstanding perception of geeks and nerds as guys -- usually single, usually physically unattractive in many ways -- who find meaning by retreating into worlds of their own making. That's slowly changing, though, and partly because the ubiquity of technology makes it easier for more people to get into it -- and makes it easier for people to BECOME geeks about certain things. How many Firefly geeks exists out there because of streaming TV and DVD sets?

    At any rate, anyone who says attractive women can't be geeks has never seen Natalie Portman. Have you read about her education?

  3. I've always been a geek .. proudly ... I played D & D on the computer back when it was just a black screen and you typed in your move, walked away, and checked back in a half hour to see if anyone else had made their move. :)