Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Not Another Post About Canadian Politics! Summerizing Last Night's Election

This Magazine has a clear and consice summary of yesterday's election.  They also provide links to other sites for more in depth information.  If you want a better understanding of what happened to Canadian Politics, check out their article.

What we should know:

1) There is Conservative Majority, which means they have free reign for basically the next four years.
2) The NDP is the official opposition.  No one called this until two days ago.
3) Due to severe Liberal losses Michael Ignatieff has now resigned.
4) The Bloc has been smashed with the NDP taking away many of their seats (and confidence).
5) Elizabeth May, the Green Party leader is the first Green MP in Parliament.
6) Canadians need to vote!  We had a better showing than 2008, but we're still only barely above 60 %.  More people need to vote!

Again, go to This Magazine for more information.


  1. 60% is impressive in the United States. We manage a little over thirty. What does it mean to be the 'official' opposition?

  2. smellincoffee, In Canada, we have more than 2 political parties. After this election, we have representatives (MPs) from 5 different parties in Parliament. The "Official Opposition" is the party that has received the second most votes. It is this party's duty to keep the governing party in line. In this case, the NDP will shadow and thoroughly examine ever decision, bill, law, etc., that the Conservative Party makes. Did I explain that clearly?

  3. Yes, thank you. :) In studying British history I learned that the other leading party creates a 'shadow government' -- a list of people who will assume leadership if elections give their party the advantage. Is it the same way in Canada?

  4. It's similar. The party leader can always change their mind about a minister if his/her party is voted into power in the next election. We (the population) don't usually hear about who's doing what in the shadow governement, so I can't really say for certian. The potential is there for it to not matter at all, if neither the current party in power nor the official opposition are voted in. Though I don't know if that's ever happened. Some might say we came close to that happening in this most recent election.