Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Death On The Nile

I can't believe the story ended that way! I know Poirot isn't always conventional, but he just stood there. I have to say I’m glad about Cornelia’s choice in husband. Even though the very end was startling, it was a good jolt. Death on the Nile was another great, inventive mystery from famed writer, Agatha Christie. It didn't have the same surprising twist that Murder on the Orient Express did, but it keeps the reader guessing the whole way.

Death on the Nile is a good book for someone who has already read a novel or two staring Hercule Poirot. It wouldn't be the first book I start with though. My problem with this story was the plethora of characters. Was Fleetwood really necessary? Was Mr. Burnaby or his lean friend? I found that I had to go back to the little drawing (included in all the Christie novels I’ve read) to help me keep the characters straight. I was getting Fanthorp, Ferguson and Fleetwood mixed up initially. By the first murder, I was okay though. There was also more than one mystery to solve. Before even getting to who the murderer was, Poirot had managed to discover and solve three other crimes! The story had so much happening. In the end, Death on the Nile was a good distraction and I look forward to my next adventure with Monsieur Poirot.