Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Ladies of Grace Adieu

So they didn't know they ate mice? Did they turn the men into mice by accident? The Ladies of Grace Adieu, the first and title story of Susanna Clarke's collection, leaves the reader thinking that there will be another story to follow. It feels as though the ladies will appear again, along with Mr. Strange, in a future narrative, whether it be a novel or another short story. I haven't read Susanna Clarke's novel, Johnathon Norrle and Mr. Strange but after this story, I might have to. I look forward to the rest of the stories in this collection.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Jane Austen Book Club

I adored this movie. The women fit so well together. The men were perfectly selected. You don’t need to read Jane Austen to love the movie. It’s not really about the books. It’s about these characters, men and women, coming together and sharing something in common. That thing just happens t be Jane Austen.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Undead and Unappreciated

I’ve done it again. I’ve read another fluffy book about vampires. (I can’t stop thinking about Twilight and how much I’m itching to see the movie.) Undead and Unappreciated is the third book in MaryJanice Davidson’s Undead series. It’s fun, easy to read and doesn’t involve any thinking at all. The vampire queen is a lovable woman of the modern era. The king is a throwback, but styled to appeal to modern women. The queen’s surprise sister keeps you interested. I’m sure all the Undead books are going to be full of this sort of crazy, impossible, entertaining stuff.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Eclipse & Breaking Dawn

Again, I couldn’t put the books down. Each book was such and adventure. I am even more in love with the characters, especially Edward. I think Breaking Dawn (more than Eclipse or New Moon) was able to do what Twilight. Breaking Dawn had strength on its own. It left the reader with a nice ending, making this installment of the story feel complete. Not that we would ever think it a conclusion to the series. It leaves us with the knowledge that all the characters we’ve grown to care for are safe and that danger is a distant thing in the future. I am eager to read more about all the Cullens and the wolf pack; Stephanie Meyer’s next book will be eagerly anticipated. I hope she doesn’t wait too long.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

New Moon

I’ve done it again. I’ve read the second book in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series in 3 days. I can’t help it. I constantly want to know what’s happening with Bella and Edward. What is the next big thing that’s going to happen to this couple? Will Bella get what she wants? Will they be together forever? I have to know. I’m halfway through the series and I don’t want it to end.

The only thing I didn’t like about this installment was Jacob Black. I like him and his character. I’m not surprised to see werewolves. Having them so close and one in love with Bella creates an interesting conflict. I just wanted less Jacob and more Edward. I’m sure we’ll see more of Jacob in future books and maybe the vampires and werewolves will eventually get along. I just need more Edward and Bella in the future books. I can’t wait to read Eclipse.

The Silent Blade

R.A. Salvatore has given us another fantastic tale staring the famed dark elf, Drizzt Do’Urden. In this story, however, we find another drow rogue. Jarlaxle is quite an interesting character. Drizzt is joined by the usual band of heros and villains, though I’m a little sad that Cadderly wasn’t included this time around. There is also the unexpected. Who really knows at this point the way Wulfgar will turn? The Silent Blade is another fine addition to the Legend of Drizzt.