Sunday, December 02, 2007

Blade Trinity

I know this is an old movie, but I saw it for the first time last night. Is it me, or did they undo everything in the second movie with the third? I thought there was a kind of bridge built between Blade and vampires. Maybe I just remember it wrong. Didn’t a beautiful female vampire die in his arms? I suppose it has been a long time since I’ve seen the movie. Is there no peace made? Or is it only with that particular group of vampires represented in Blade: II?

Whistler died. How many times has this character died now? I think this time it’s going to stick, since they’ve brought on replacement Whistler. Abigail Whistler is Papa Whistler’s illegitimate daughter. Fantastic! Now we get to see hottie Jessica Biel take a shower. Was it really necessary to have so much naked woman? I guess so, it is Biel after all, still rebelling after leaving 7th Heaven. Oh, have I said too much?

Though I must admit, she and Ryan Reynolds did a good job. They really held up the action end of this movie. Their fight sequences were great. For the ladies watching this movie, Ryan Reynolds was hot. If the guys get naked Jessica, the girls get Ryan with his shirt off. He still had his fun, comedic edge, though.

I really think that Ryan and Jessica carried the action. In some of the fight sequences with Drake, Wesley Snipes just didn’t have the flexibility he used to. He’s still big, but can’t do a spinning kick. The actor they hired for Drake didn’t have that either. I know people like him because he’s the older brother from Prison Break, but I thought he was a lame Dracula. Drake should have been bigger, scarier or something. Is this therefore the final installment of Blade? I think so. I really can’t see Wesley Snipes as the agile vampire hunter from his earlier work.

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